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By clicking on "I Agree," you agree, warrant and covenant as follows:
Wendy’s Walk for Kids Release and Indemnification

The Wendy’s Walk for Kids involves walking - an activity which may include risks such as, but not limited to, falls, interaction with other participants, effects of weather, traffic and conditions of the road, golf course, grounds, golf carts and chemicals. In consideration of being allowed to participate in this event, I hereby expressly assume all risks, including personal injury and death, arising in any way out of my participation in the Wendy’s Walk for Kids and related activities.

It is my responsibility to dress appropriately. Although route maps, rest stops, refreshments, and other assistance may be made available during this event, I am solely responsible for my own health and safety. I represent and warrant that I am physically fit and able to participate in this event and I agree to stop and request assistance if I experience any symptoms such as, but not limited to, dizziness, excessive fatigue, shortness of breath, pain or any other conditions which would make it difficult or unsafe to continue.

I agree, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, to not sue and to release, indemnify and hold harmless, Wendy’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods Open, Broome County Community Charities, Inc., all sponsoring businesses and organizations, their affiliates, agents, employees, officers, directors, and volunteers, from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of my participation in this event and related activities - whether it results from the negligence of any of the above or from any other cause.

This release and indemnification agreement shall be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the State of New York. If any portion of it is held invalid, the balance shall continue in full force and effect.

I have carefully read this Waiver and Release and fully understand its contents. If I am under 18 years of age at the time of registration, my parent or legal guardian has completely reviewed this Waiver and Release, understands and consents to its terms, and authorizes my participation by his/her acceptance below. I am aware that this is a RELEASE OF LIABILITY and a contract between me and the persons and entities mentioned above and I accept of my own free will.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Open

By entering onto the grounds of a PGA TOUR sanctioned tournament, you assume all risk and danger incidental to the game of golf and release PGA TOUR sanctioned tournaments and competitions and their host sites, title sponsors, host organizations, PGA TOUR, resulting from such cases. You grant permission to PGA TOUR, Inc., to utilize your image or likeness incidental to any live or recorded television or other transmission or reproduction in whole or in part of any PGA TOUR event you attend. You agree not to transmit or facilitate transmission of any account, description, picture, or reproduction of any PGA TOUR Event without the specific advance written permission of PGA TOUR. For security purposes, you hereby consent to the reasonable inspection of your person and property before entering the tournament. You agree to abide by all rules and regulations established by the PGA TOUR and the Tournament, and a violation of these rules and regulations can be cause for removal from the Tournament. Prohibited items and restrictions include cameras (allowed practice and pro-am days only), cell phones, coolers, firearms, etc.
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